07840 Physical Therapy

07840 Physical Therapy

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The talented physical therapists at Therapeutics Unlimited provide services to help manage pain, restore strength and function to injured areas, and offer educational opportunities to help you continue your recovery at home. We also excel in 07840 physical therapy services. We are committed to helping you achieve a successful rehabilitation. Our expert staff works hard to provide the latest advances in medical technology and science. Our team of experienced therapy professionals can solve even the most complex conditions, identifying the underlying cause using the most advanced, scientifically validated treatment options available. Working together as a team, we provide state of the art care based upon your needs, health care goals, and lifestyle.

Sports medicine is a branch of orthopedic medicine and our 07840 physical therapy office boasts physical therapists who are highly skilled to help you recover from any sports injuries. All of our therapists have extensive experience treating patients that are pre and post orthopedic procedures, which include the following: total joint replacements, musculoskeletal injuries and arthroscopic surgery etc. Our aim is not only to relieve pain, but to recondition and educate our patients, to enable and empower them to work and perform recreational activities. Our spacious facilities and state of the art equipment make us an ideal provider for Sports Rehabilitation. Our team will put together a rehabilitation strategy that will get you back on your feet quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

We offer a wide variety of physical therapy services. Research shows that exercise and physical therapy play a key role in treating and preventing recurring pain and can protect against injury. Manual physical therapy is a relatively new and comprehensive therapy approach that includes assessment, treatment, and prevention. Proper treatment promotes strength, flexibility, and endurance—the three keys to sustained well-being. We believe that exercise and/or manual and movement therapy should be a part of every patient’s treatment. At Therapeutics Unlimited, our experience proves faster, more complete recovery and pain reduction with this unique approach.

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