Physical therapist in 07840

Physical Therapist in 07840

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Physical therapy in 07840

If you are recovering from an injury or have a specific medical condition, physical therapy should be an integral part of the healing process. Therapeutics Unlimited, an outpatient physical therapy provider that offers expert physical therapy, has been providing sports rehab services and physical therapy for more than 15 years. We combine cutting edge rehabilitation technology with personalized treatment. We treat our patients with utmost care and our therapy plans are aggressive and goal oriented, allowing for a speedy and full recovery. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to our care and treatment following a joint replacement. In addition to our skilled physical therapist in 07840, we offer occupational therapy, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, a senior program, gait and balance therapies, and a full service gym for musculoskeletal strengthening and our exclusive post-therapy step-down program.

All of our gifted physical therapist in 07840 have extensive experience treating patients that are pre and post orthopedic procedures, which include total joint replacements, musculoskeletal injuries and arthroscopic surgery, etc. Our aim for physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy is not only to relieve pain, but to recondition and educate our patients, to enable and empower them to work and enjoy recreational activities. Whether you are a weekend warrior, sports enthusiast, or professional player, our spacious facilities and state of the art equipment make us an ideal provider for sports rehabilitation. We help get you in shape for an event and will treat you after the event to address any injuries you may have sustained. Our treatment goal is to work with you to get and keep you in shape to enjoy all the activities you choose to do.

Our physical therapist in 07840 uses innovative strategies to encourage increased musculoskeletal strength and full joint function. We also offer a post-operative step-down program which keeps you strong long after physical therapy and rehabilitation is no longer needed. This full service gym is staffed by professional trainers and provides free weights, aerobic equipment, kettlebells, a pool, and helps you keep and maintain the level of fitness you worked so hard to achieve. Whether you have injured yourself through daily living activities or during an athletic endeavor, or have a specific medical condition, our physical therapy program is for you. Come in and let us take good care of you.

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